Update notes: Booyah Day!

 Against Squad

 Ranked Season 3

 Season 3 starts 09/24 at 06:00

 “Season 3 of CS Ranked is coming!  Reach the rank of Gold III or more and win the special ranked item - FAMAS Dourada! ”

 Settings in the Contra Squad store:

 We add sound effect when buying mushrooms or Novo Futuro;

 Players will no longer lose stars by reconnecting to the abandoned game and winning it;

 After reaching the platinum rank, players will receive less Patent Protection (protection points).

Clube do Free Fire

 Weapons and Balancing

 New weapon - ParaFAL

 Available in Classic Mode and Contra Squad

 “ParaFAL is the new AR that will be available after the update.  With its strong stopping power and high range, players will be able to take down enemies from afar with ease.  At the same time, the low rate of fire will give a chance to react to attacked enemies ”.

 Damage: 48

 Charger: 30

 Rate of fire: 0.245

 Accessories: Nozzle, stock, charger, grip and sight.

 New Weapon - Flamethrower

 Available on Training Island.

 “We present the insane flamethrower!  A short-range secondary weapon, designed to burn everything around you.  Its heat will allow players to melt opponents' Gel Walls faster than any other weapon.  This is the ideal weapon for close-range and close-range fights. ”

 Damage: 15

 Minimum damage: 10

 Reach: 4

 Rate of fire: 0.06

 It is not possible to reload the Flamethrower.


 New projectile engine and optimization

 “The grenade has been used less than we would like for a while, because its detonation time is a little unpredictable.  To help with this, we added a mechanism to prepare the grenade and better control its detonation time.  But be careful!  You're not going to let the grenade explode in your hand, huh? ”

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 We optimized the grenade's projectile so that the launch distance is more visible.

 Players can prepare grenades and shorten detonation time.


 Rate of fire and accuracy

 “The P90 lost its place in the sun some time ago.  Even with a larger charger, the P90 does not perform as well due to its lack of precision.  We will reduce the maximum spread of the P90 so that the setback is more manageable. ”

 Rate of fire: + 3%

 Maximum spread: -10%


 Basic adjustments and minimal damage

 “Currently, the M14 is at an advantage among the ARs.  However, his ability to target enemies from a distance is slightly more appealing than ideal.  We are reducing the M14's minimal damage, but the standard strength of this weapon should remain the same. ” Cubo Mágico no Free Fire

 Damage: 58-> 59

 Minimum damage: 30-> 25

 M14- Core of Anger

 Decreased rate of fire

 “The M14's advanced accessory takes this weapon to the next level.  However, with the current rate of fire from the Core of Rage, the M14 becomes too strong for any collision.  We are removing some of the power of the Core of Rage so that the overall damage becomes more consistent with that of other weapons. ”

 Rate of fire: -11%


 Increased accuracy

 “It is a known fact to our survivors that PLASMA is not a good weapon during the end of the game.  We are increasing its accuracy and we hope that this change will make this weapon more consistent with other ARs with accessories. ”

 Shot accuracy: 4-> 6

 Propagation in motion: -11%

 Kar98k- Biometric Sight

 Decreased aiming assistance

 “The Kar98k equipped with the Biometric Sight is without a doubt one of the most lethal weapons of Free Fire.  To better balance things out, we will reduce your aiming assistance, so that her power will be slightly diminished with quick aiming. ”

 Sight assistance radius: -35%


 Decreased flight height

 “Due to its ability to stay in the air for a long time, the glider has become too strong for some maps.  We will reduce the time spent in the air to prevent some players from accessing unreachable areas of the map. ”

 Maximum flight altitude 38-> 14


 Now it also tracks vehicles.

 “Now you can see everything.  Literally."

 The scan will now also reveal the vehicles on the map.



 Skill adjustment:

 “Shortly after we launched Jai, the players told us that the amount of ammunition reloaded is insufficient to shoot down enemies using low-ammunition weapons.  We are going to increase the power of this ability a little so that it will be useful in more situations.

 % Loader capacity: 10/13/16/19/22/25% -> 30/33/36/39/42/45%

 only rifles, pistols and SMG-> only rifles, pistols and SMG and SG


 Skill adjustment:

 "We fixed a bug that allowed enemies to see Evelyn's location when her ability was activated."

 Enemies will no longer be able to see where Evelyn is when her ability is activated.

 Game modes

 Training Island

 New mini-games, private cinema and vehicle updates

 “Many players have told us that they prefer to respawn close to their teammates on Training Island.  We are optimizing the points to resurface and adding new configurations so that this is the ideal space to enjoy! ”

 Upon reaching the role, the players will be reborn together.

 New options for the vehicle: Restore the vehicle's original position and horn.

 The Amphibious Motorcycle can now use nitro and jump

 New mini-game - Shooting Training available now.

 Private cinema available now.

 "The Arena"

 Available in Classic and Ranked Mode.

 “The brand-new start island specially prepared for the Free Fire Continental Series 2020. Ready to compete?”

 New start island: “The Arena” available now.


 Jerk friend

 Available in Classic Mode and Classic CS Mode

 “We are testing a new mechanism to create new situations and challenges in the game.  Now, it is possible to give that friendly push to a teammate, helping him to jump higher and create new strategies.

 However, beware: whoever is helping will need to stay on the ground, so watch out for enemies around you! "

 Players can jump higher using the crouched friend as an aid.

 New system


 New page in the main lobby

 “As we add more weapons and skins to the game, we realize that it is important to optimize the arsenal page.  We not only created a specific space for this, but we also added a 360º preview so that you can see your favorite weapon skin in every detail.  Now players can view their favorite weapons and weapon skins in a special menu.  Go and see! ”

 New arsenal menu available now!

 Optimized weapon selection method.

 360º view added for all weapon skins.

 Players can now share prints of their favorite weapon skins on social media.

 Send settings and button configuration to the Free Fire cloud

 New configuration in the menu

 “Tired of having to adjust all the settings again with each update?  You asked and we heard! ”

 Players can now upload, download and replace their options in the settings.

 Backpack Organization

 Available in all modes

 “Tired of messy backpacks after having the loot party?  Well, we have the solution to your problems!

 Players can now pack their backpacks in matches

 Bug fixing and optimization

 The gel walls can no longer displace players.

 Mushrooms can now be marked.

 Players can now open the settings menu while watching or being shot.

 Filter optimization in the Free Fire weapon store.

 Optimization of the Best Match screen for the winning / losing team for all short-range combat modes.

 Optimization of the jeep model.

 Optimization of active skill visualization.


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